Melissa’s Chestnuts

Growing up in Los Angeles I don’t have many “cold-weather” food scents from my childhood.  I moved east for college and started collecting some of those scents that I’d been deprived of earlier in my life.  I still recall going to New York City and smelling chestnuts roasting via charcoal from a street vendor.   [Read more…]

Rosemary Crostini

Usually I prefer plain crackers (such as water crackers) or plain slices of baguette with my cheese.  In my mind it’s the cheese flavor that I’m trying to capture, not the “vehicle” that I’m using to get the cheese to my mouth.  But, there are exceptions to every rule. [Read more…]

Really Good Tonic Water

I’ve liked tonic water since I was a little girl – yes, that’s probably odd.  I used to visit my Great Aunt Jean in Boston when I was growing up and she always took me out for “grown up” meals because she loved an excuse to go out and show off Boston.  I remember ordering tonic with lime before I was old enough to drink alcohol – I guess I thought it sounded like a “grown up drink!” [Read more…]