Riegl Palate in the News – September 2015

Riegl Palate served as a great introduction to an article about Ed and me in the inaugural issue of The Luminary – a publication for Alumni, Parents and Friends of Franklin & Marshall College.  And a play on the College’s motto – Lux et Lex – Light and Law. [Read more…]

Wheat-Free Day 205

It’s been almost seven months since I last knowingly ate anything made from wheat. I continue to feel better overall although the pain in my hands hasn’t diminished. I still hold some hope that it may eventually work.  I recently met with someone else with osteoarthritis who gave up wheat for the same reason but didn’t see any positive changes until month eight or nine. [Read more…]

Wheat-Free Day 90

I did it! I have successfully been wheat-free for 90 days without so much as one slip-up. The good news is, I have never felt better.  The bad news is that the osteoarthritis in my hands does not feel any better.  [Read more…]

Wheat-Free Day 1

For as long as I can remember, my paternal grandmother (she died in 2012 at the age of 98) had fingertips that were almost right angles. Both she and her mother suffered from osteoarthritis. My grandmother loved to play the piano and write long letters – both things she was unable to do later in her life because of the pain in her fingers. I know that my grandmother didn’t want to pass it down to me, but I, too, suffer from osteoarthritis. [Read more…]

Postcard from Arizona 2013

Ed and I just returned from a wonderful trip to the Phoenix-Scottsdale area. We enjoyed golfing, spending time with old friends and many, many fabulous meals. I wanted to share some of the good food we had and the restaurants where we ate – they are all places we would happily return to. [Read more…]

Wonders of Chia Seeds

Have you made chia seeds a part of your daily diet? I first learned about chia seeds over a year ago at a Gourmet Dinner Club (GDC) gathering. Our hostess, Marty H, assigned us each an ingredient to use and also asked us to educate the group about that ingredient. [Read more…]

A Culinary “Trip” to Italy

We recently went on a food adventure to Italy but went no further than our neighboring town. Italy came to us in the form of Anne Robichaud. Anne may have been born and raised in the United States, but Italy captured her heart after graduate school both literally and figuratively.  [Read more…]

Super Bowl XLVII (2013)

I have heard at least two stories about a shortage of chicken wings this Super Bowl season. In order to avoid a food catastrophe I thought it best to re-post my Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe. [Read more…]

Apple Picking in Ulster County, NY

A trip to Ulster County, NY, at this time of year must include apples. And, for me, it was my first ever apple picking adventure. Where we live we would have to travel at least 30 minutes to pick apples, but these apples were basically right out of our front door. [Read more…]

“Red Hot” Hot Dogs

One of Ed’s favorite foods is a hot dog. He still reminds me that our wedding wasn’t truly official as we didn’t serve pigs in blankets!* According to family history, his maternal grandfather’s first meal after going through Ellis Island to reach the USA from Italy was a hot dog.  [Read more…]