Port Wine-Fig Sauce

This might just be my new favorite sauce. It’s rich (but not loaded with dairy) and has a depth of flavor that will make your taste buds dance. [Read more…]

Farmers Market Succotash

Growing up lima beans were a very unwelcome vegetable in the house. They were my stepfather, Mark J’s, least favorite vegetable so we never had them at the dinner table. Both he and my mom grew up with mothers who, let’s just say, were not gourmet chefs so I can only assume that the lima beans of their youth came from a can (enough said). [Read more…]

Belgian Beef Stew

The beef stew of our childhood was made of beef but also contained potatoes, carrots, celery and onions (maybe wine but never beer). Neither Ed nor I prefer our beef stew that way so when I found this recipe many years ago it became the standard in our house. Largely because it’s just beef and onions, oh and with some really good Belgian beer and bacon. [Read more…]

Gluten-Free Banana-Almond-Coconut Muffins

A little bit of the tropics captured in a yummy muffin. I adapted a banana bread recipe I’d made for many years to make it gluten-free. While doing so I decided to add some new ingredients including almonds and coconut. [Read more…]

Sweet Potato and Chestnut Soup

. to thIf I had a hunting lodge I would have this soup on hand all winter long. The flavors are woodsy and rustic – that’s what makes me think of a hunting lodge.   [Read more…]

Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread

It’s likely that this time of year your garden may have a plethora of zucchini. Why not make up some yummy zucchini bread – maybe even double the recipe so you can freeze some for the winter months? [Read more…]

Mint-Cilantro Pesto

Lamb is one of my favorites and I do enjoy it served the way I grew up eating it – with mint jelly (which is really apple jelly with mint flavoring). If you’re like me you have an abundance of fresh mint growing in your garden so this seemed like a good time of year to try a different mint sauce to serve with grilled lamb. [Read more…]

Gluten-Free Date Nut Bread

This is a recipe that I have made for years using regular all-purpose flour. I thought that it would hold up well using gluten-free flour so I tried it with Cup4Cup gluten-free flour (created by Lena Kwak, a chef at Thomas Keller’s French Laundry Restaurant in Napa, CA). [Read more…]

Spring Pea Soup with Serrano Ham

“We lived very simply – but with all the essentials of life well understood and provided for – hot baths, cold champagne, new peas and old brandy.”  ~ Winston Churchill [Read more…]

Chocolate-Orange Flourless Cake

Happy 2nd Birthday to Riegl Palate! Since I can’t share cake with all of you to celebrate the very least I can do is to share this wonderful flourless chocolate cake recipe with you. When I decided to try being wheat-free I knew that I needed to find a chocolate cake recipe to satisfy our chocolate cravings. [Read more…]