Basil-Lime Margarita

Each spring I plant a variety of herbs. I start with small plants that I’ve picked up at local nurseries. Except for basil – this I grow from seed. This year’s harvest was one of the best I’ve ever had. My basil plants were about three feet tall with large wonderful leaves. [Read more…]

Tequila-Citrus Spritzer

Tequila-based drinks are good any time of the year but are particularly refreshing during the warmer months. Here’s one last nod to summer. Think of this as a lighter version of a margarita – variation on the ingredients with some club soda (or seltzer) to top it off. [Read more…]

Pimm’s Cup

One of the greatest tennis events of the year is just around the corner. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world (dating to 1877) and is the only one of the four making up the Grand Slam that is still played on grass courts. The official drink of Wimbledon? You guessed it – the Pimm’s Cup. [Read more…]

All Things Green Yogurt Sauce

Perhaps not all things green but close to it – six of 10 ingredients for this tasty sauce are green and fresh:  basil, mint, jalapeño, scallion and lime (zest and juice).  Throw in some yogurt, olive oil, ginger and garlic and you’ll have your new favorite sauce for the summer. [Read more…]

Azalea Cocktail

Ed’s most favorite sporting event of the year is upon us – the Masters! In preparation for this big event a few weeks ago we tried out the traditional drink of the Masters for our Sunday night cocktail. We figured we better get it right before the golf tournament actually started. [Read more…]

Hemingway Daiquiri

Hemingway or Fitzgerald? We are a split house when it comes to their respective writing but we both agreed that this is a tasty drink. Hemingway is known for heading from his home in Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba on a regular basis and while there enjoying a daiquiri (or two or three) at El Floridita. [Read more…]

Pomegranate Margarita

It’s that time of year when red and green are the colors of choice (normally it’s pink and green in my book but I can adjust). I was inspired by a story that my friend Sydney L just told me about the first time she met her husband’s family. It was over the Christmas holidays and she was offered their family’s special holiday drink – special because it was red and green. [Read more…]

Blackberry Buck

With so many good fresh ingredients available at this time of year it’s very easy to come up with a tasty craft cocktail. Here I muddle fresh blackberries procured from the Malvern (PA) Farmers Market with mint (which grows like weeds at this time of year) and fresh lime juice. [Read more…]

Lemongrass-Mint Mojito

Years ago my sister, Sarah S, went on a sailing trip in the Caribbean. It was from this trip that we learned of two things – the wonders of a drink called a Mojito and of the indispensable kitchen tool knows as a muddler. If I recall correctly they packed mint for the trip to ensure they had ingredients to make Mojitos.  [Read more…]

Tropical Tea Cakes

My paternal grandmother had a great sweet tooth – I think she happily could have lived on sweets alone. When we gathered a year ago for her memorial service I took the opportunity to bake in her honor and share my tribute with my family. [Read more…]