Strawberry Mint Julep

There’s no rule that you can only have Mint Juleps in early May. This variation celebrates some of the best that early summer has to offer. It pairs three ingredients that work well together – strawberries, mint and bourbon. [Read more…]

Vodka and St. Germain “Mojito”

I must admit that I’m addicted to podcasts. It’s like having a radio station that only plays things that interest you all the time. While listening to my absolute favorite, The Splendid Table (“the show for people who love to eat” on NPR that is also available as a podcast), I heard about Awesome Etiquette, a podcast from Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning of the Emily Post Institute. [Read more…]

Burrata and Tomato Salad

I was like a kid in a candy store this past Saturday at the Malvern (PA) Farmers Market. There were a few different stands selling tomatoes but when I saw that the Kimberton CSA (the first CSA in Pennsylvania) had sorted their cherry tomatoes into bins so you could make your own mixture I knew that I had to go to their stand. [Read more…]

All Things Green Yogurt Sauce

Perhaps not all things green but close to it – six of 10 ingredients for this tasty sauce are green and fresh:  basil, mint, jalapeño, scallion and lime (zest and juice).  Throw in some yogurt, olive oil, ginger and garlic and you’ll have your new favorite sauce for the summer. [Read more…]

Strawberry-Mint Sparkler

Farmers market season is upon us. I’m thrilled that my favorite local farmers market in Malvern, PA will be opening this coming weekend. That means that local strawberry season is just around the corner and I’m excited to to make another batch of this wonderful Strawberry-Mint Syrup that I first made last strawberry season. [Read more…]

Strawberry-Mint Syrup

I am very excited about the start of the outdoor local farmers market season. When they open that means that we get access to lots of wonderful locally produced fruit and vegetables (along with meats, cheese, baked goods and so much more). [Read more…]

Lemongrass-Mint Mojito

Years ago my sister, Sarah S, went on a sailing trip in the Caribbean. It was from this trip that we learned of two things – the wonders of a drink called a Mojito and of the indispensable kitchen tool knows as a muddler. If I recall correctly they packed mint for the trip to ensure they had ingredients to make Mojitos.  [Read more…]

Mint-Cilantro Pesto

Lamb is one of my favorites and I do enjoy it served the way I grew up eating it – with mint jelly (which is really apple jelly with mint flavoring). If you’re like me you have an abundance of fresh mint growing in your garden so this seemed like a good time of year to try a different mint sauce to serve with grilled lamb. [Read more…]

Mint Julep

The Kentucky Derby is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to make some Mint Juleps – the official drink of the Derby. While I’m not a regular Bourbon drinker, I do look forward to the annual tradition of sipping a Mint Julep while watching the first leg of the Triple Crown. [Read more…]

Potato Salad with Peas and Mint

When we’re having just my dad for dinner, we often serve lamb since we know how much he likes it. I often associate lamb with potatoes, mint and peas and decided they would all work well in a potato salad. It seemed the perfect accompaniment to grilled lamb since I could cover all three ingredients in one dish.

[Read more…]