Sausage, Kale and Rainbow Chard Pasta

I’d call this a “compromise pasta” in our house. Ed’s not so sure about kale, so I figured that if I mixed it with Italian hot sausage (which he loves) that I might have a chance of getting away with it. I didn’t even try to sneak in turkey sausage, he’s a true Italian and knows the difference. [Read more…]

Spicy Artichoke Sauce with Tortellini

My foodie friend, Kim T, first made this for me when I had foot surgery many years ago.  I immediately asked for the recipe as it was so good and flavorful that I knew I had to add it to my repertoire.  I’ve adapted it a bit by adding more artichokes plus some fresh herbs. [Read more…]

Linguine with Crab, Lemon, Jalapenos and Mint

In many parts of the country it is crab season which is one my favorite times of the year. Ed is happy to settle in with a bushel of Maryland blue crabs, beer and good friends. I prefer someone else to do the work for me and am particularly fond of soft shell crabs which start to show up on restaurant menus. [Read more…]

Gratin of Eggplant, Tomatoes and Chickpeas

This is one of the first new recipes I made back in 1995 shortly after Ed and I were married. We received France: A Culinary Journey as a wedding present. It’s a gorgeous over-sized “coffee table” style cookbook with amazing photos and recipes that make you want to cook and eat everything in it.  [Read more…]

Linguini with Clams and Beer

Ask my niece, Atlee T, what one of her favorite foods is and she responds “linguini with clams!” She has a pretty refined palate for a three year old. Her parents once ordered pizza for Atlee and linguini with clams for themselves and they ended up eating the pizza. [Read more…]

Sausage and Mushroom Fideua

I hosted this month’s Gourmet Dinner Club (GDC) and selected western Mediterranean as the theme. Even though there are still a few days left of summer, I was starting to think of fall and wanted to make a tasty baked pasta dish called Fideua (from the Catalan/Valencian word for “noodle”)  that I hadn’t made in years; a dish that hails from the Valencia region of Spain. [Read more…]

Orzo Dill Salad

I love a good Greek salad – the flavors are simple and all work well together. So, when I found the recipe for this salad it seemed like a great way to incorporate many Greek salad ingredients (Kalamata olives, dill, red wine vinegar, lemon juice and feta) into a simple pasta salad. [Read more…]

Lamb Ragù with Mint

I have loved lamb since I was a little girl.  In fact the first time I met my stepmother, Peggy T, she made me lamb and I happily ate it (much to her surprise since I was only 3!). [Read more…]

Oven-Baked Penne with Onions, Walnuts and Goat Cheese

Every recipe we have made from Gordon Hamersley’s Bistro Cooking at Home has been a hit!  While Ed and I have never had the pleasure of dining at his restaurant in Boston, a few family members have eaten there and thankfully introduced us to this cookbook. [Read more…]