Green Goddess Potato Salad

Summer is winding down but if you’re like me parts of your garden are still going strong. I am happy to report that many of my herbs (thyme, rosemary, tarragon, mint and lavender) are still growing at a good pace. While I plan on freezing some of these for the winter, I also want to use them while they’re fresh. [Read more…]

Gluten-Free Chocolate-Hazelnut-Cherry Magic Bars

There are many names for this confection – Magic Bars, Hello Dolly Bars or Seven Layer Bars. What they all have in common is some sort of ground-up cookie, chocolate chips, sweetened shredded coconut and condensed milk. This version is possibly the easiest to make as all of the ingredients (except the condensed milk) are combined in a bowl and transferred to a baking dish. [Read more…]

Pineapple Salsa

Think of this as kind of a sweet-savory fruit salad turned into a dip. While the pineapple provides the strongest flavor the sweetness is cut by the lime, jalapeño and cilantro. It also offers a nice contrast of textures from crunchy peppers to the soft avocado. [Read more…]

Greek Chicken and Brown Rice Salad

This salad is so easy to make and a big hit no matter what the venue. I know because I’ve served it a tailgate at a Bruce Springsteen concert and in a box at the Devon Horse Show (the largest outdoor horse show in the country). It would be equally suitable at home, bridal or baby shower, or a simple picnic. [Read more…]

Strawberry-Mint Sparkler

Farmers market season is upon us. I’m thrilled that my favorite local farmers market in Malvern, PA will be opening this coming weekend. That means that local strawberry season is just around the corner and I’m excited to to make another batch of this wonderful Strawberry-Mint Syrup that I first made last strawberry season. [Read more…]

Gluten-Free Rice Krispies Treats

I was looking for something to make for a 1980’s BBQ at work and thought back to the sweets that I enjoyed during that decade and settled on the ever popular (and one of my favorites) Rice Krispies Treat. During my middle school and high school days (which all took place during that stylish decade) we had bake sales all the time. [Read more…]

Smoky Sun Dried Tomato and Bean Dip

Think smoked salmon spread but without any fish. The smoky sun dried tomatoes impart both the taste and color that you get from smoked salmon. I used California Sun Dry Smoked Sun Dried Tomatoes which are “dried in the California sun and then naturally smoked in a proprietary blend of four hardwoods.” [Read more…]

Asian Slaw

I was looking for a side to go with tuna that Ed as grilling. He planned to serve it rare with wasabi and soy sauce, so I thought I should incorporate the Asian theme into a side dish as well. [Read more…]

Susie’s Wild Rice Salad

When I went to prepare this recipe I realized just how long I had been making it – over 21 years. It was one of my first “go to” recipes when I decided that I was going to learn to cook.  Ed and I hadn’t been dating long when Aunt Susie and Uncle Christopher M had us for dinner. [Read more…]