Black Bean and Prosciutto Soup

Black bean soup is one of my favorites. It’s both satisfying and flavorful. And this recipe is almost as easy as opening a can of pre-made soup. [Read more…]

Cucumber and Herb Soup

We recently enjoyed a lovely meal with friends at one of our most favorite spots, Wyebrook Farm. This property has been farmed for over 200 years – most recently by Dean and Emelie Carlson. After spending 15 years on Wall Street, Dean decided that farming was the path he wanted to take. [Read more…]

Mushroom Soup

Living near Kennett Square, the Mushroom Capital of the World, we are fortunate to have access to many versions of mushroom soup. I don’t think you can call yourself a restaurant in that vicinity if you don’t serve your “signature” mushroom soup. [Read more…]

Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato and Smoked Gouda Soup

Every time we visit Lake Champlain in the Adirondacks we make a trip to Lake Placid to visit one of our favorite brewpubs, Lake Placid Pub & Brewery. The beer, food and view are all fabulous. There are so many good things to eat on the menu (including a few tasty gluten-free flatbreads) that I have a hard time making a selection. [Read more…]

Onion and Garlic Beer Soup

It’s finally cold in the northeast! After way above normal temperatures for both Thanksgiving and Christmas frigid temperatures have finally descended upon the Philadelphia area. That means warm coats and soup. [Read more…]

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Our friend, Hope D, introduced us to Chicken Tortilla Soup back in 1998 – the year we first met.  I still remember sitting in her apartment in the Philadelphia suburbs and being transported to a warmer climate when first tasting her soup. [Read more…]

Sweet Potato and Chestnut Soup

. to thIf I had a hunting lodge I would have this soup on hand all winter long. The flavors are woodsy and rustic – that’s what makes me think of a hunting lodge.   [Read more…]

Turkey, Rice and Kale Soup

I think I’m not alone in this thought:  the holidays are over so now is the time to focus (or re-focus) on eating healthy. I readily accept this challenge and relish finding recipes that are not only good for you but still pack a lot of flavor. [Read more…]

Butternut Squash and Ginger Soup

With the weather turning colder it’s the perfect time of year to whip up some tasty soup. And what better fall ingredient than butternut squash. [Read more…]

Watermelon Gazpacho

I could have a called this Farmers Market Gazpacho just as easily – I was very excited to get all of the ingredients at the Malvern (PA) Farmers Market this past Saturday for this tasty cold soup. While I love traditional Gazpacho this recipe provides a nice twist with the addition of the watermelon. The sweetness of the melon pairs well with the ripe, juicy tomatoes available this time of year. [Read more…]